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Distributing your content on social media and other channels strongly helps you drive traffic to your website. Both website owners and audience members are benefited from using link shorteners before sharing content on social media networks. These benefits include the following:

Fast and Secured

DDOS Attack Protection. Protect your link from getting spammed and banned due to unwanted bot traffic. 100% SaaS Based application. Login with Google, Facebook Account or an Email.


Never loose any click and a Winning Campaign. Know from where you are getting the most traffic. Country Specific, Device Specific, OS & Browser Specific and Even through Social Media such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Click Details for Detailed Traffic Analysis and management. See the Number of Clicks each of your shortened link gets.


Create Unlimited Traffic Campaigns for your different marketing projects. Add Unlimited URLs under any/each Campaign.


URLZ.HOST is packed with Awesome Features take a look at them below!

100% Web-Based

100% SaaS Based application. No Need to Download Or Install Anything. Access from anywhere from any device.

Beginner Friendly

Very Easy to use URL Shortener. No need of any Technical Knowledge.

URL Manager

Direct URL Shortening (Regular URL Shortening) - Shorten Single URL directly.

Affiliate URL Manager

URL Redirect and Shortening. This feature is very useful specially for Affiliate Marketers. You can Shorten your Affiliate / Money Website URL and Redirect to any URL.

Shorten Unlimited URLs

Shorten Unlimited URLs for your different projects to distribute and get tons of traffic.

Create Traffic Campaigns

Create Unlimited Traffic Campaigns for your different marketing projects. Add Unlimited URLs under any/each Campaign.

QR Code

Get Instant QR Code for all your Shortened URLs. Use on product covers and sharing images to redirect untapped traffic from mobile devices or users using QR Code Scanner devices.

Start and Expiry Date

Set Start Date and Expiry Date for each URL you create. Schedule your links to go live on specified date well ahead of time and expire at a later date set to end the campaign.

Limit Link Clicks

Never Run Out of your PPC Budget. Limit Link Clicks to manage your PPC Ad budget by restricting the link clicks from within the

Link Cloaking

Create Cloaked Links (Stealth Mode) to protect your main link. Hide your urls from getting exposed to unwanted traffic.

Custom Message Editor

Add your Custom Message to display to user for Campaign Start Schedule, Link Expiry, Device Specific Shortened Links.

Full Control Over Link

Run Device Specific Campaigns. Decide where you want to display your shortened link. Allows link to open on All Devices - Desktop, Mobile, Mac OS, Android or iPhone or Display on any one or only few selected of these devices and restrict display on other devices.

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